Kevin Y: 
“Dr. Christopher Bowlby is a wonderful, talented piano instructor! He is able to identify his students’ skills and interests accordingly to find piano pieces that are both fun and challenging to learn. In the 10 years that I studied with him, I greatly improved my technique, theory, musicality, and practice habits. Dr. Bowlby’s vast knowledge of repertoire and attention to detail allowed me to learn difficult pieces that I am confident and proud of performing. Under his tutelage, I have been awarded in numerous piano competitions and given opportunities to perform in prestigious venues, such as Carnegie Hall in NYC and Salle Cortot Hall in Paris. Having Dr. Bowlby be an integral part of my musical journey is something that I will always remember and cherish.”
Rebecca S: 
“I started piano lessons with Dr. Ivona at the age of 4, and it has been 12 years. As a teacher, she is fun, patient, and works effectively with all ages. She has taught me the basic techniques of piano, as well as advanced methods for practicing more effectively and playing more artistically. Because of Dr. Ivona, I’ve received numerous opportunities to participate in festivals, international competitions, and play in venues worldwide such as Carnegie Hall. Most importantly, I’ve learned to enjoy classical music and playing the piano! “

Yasuko A:
” Online lessons with Dr. Chris are working so well with my kids.  The quality of online lessons is impressive, as high quality as in-person lessons (no changes at all).  I am so happy that my kids keep learning despite of Covid-19 lockdown and my 12 years old son also could prepare so well for the competitions with online lessons.  100% and more satisfaction! “

Rong S: 
“My son has been studying piano with Dr. Ivona Kaminska since 2009.  Dr Ivona is an excellent teacher who has fully nurtured my son’s talents and his passion for music. The entire time of her lessons is dedicated to teaching the music, and her communication with parents and students outside of lessons is consistently strong and proactive. Ivona and her husband Dr. Chris Bowlby devoted many of their weekends to holding performance and master classes as well as recitals throughout the year.”

Grace K. :
“My son is currently taught by Dr. Ivona who is very reputable and experienced teacher. she is strict and effective and my son loved her teaching and improved a lot. “

Kamen P. :
“Dr. Chris Bowlby and Dr. Ivona Kaminska are qualified to teach at any college, but they love to teach children and take them from zero to professional level. He started at age 6 and studied piano for 12 years under the tutelage of Dr. Ivona Kaminska. He has played at Benaroya Hall and Carnegie Hall and has won high placements at international competitions. Most importantly, he was given the gift of love of classical music. My daughter studied under a different teacher in Southern California. She was a good teacher too. CAM however, is on a totally different level. Chris and Ivona perform regularly and are amazing musicians in their own right.  The rigorous music education has enabled several students to enter excellent college music programs. However, even if that is not a goal for your child, consider the immense benefits music education has for your child’s mental, cultural and aesthetic development.”

 Ivan P. :
“I recently graduated after studying with Dr. Kaminska for the last 13 years. The instruction given by the teachers is second to none. Lessons were always enjoyable and extremely helpful. I would say that one of the biggest benefits that piano lessons brought me was an ability to perform in front of others with confidence. However in addition to competency in performing, she encourages students to understand the music and the theory behind the notes. It is a very wholistic learning experience.

Without a doubt, the most impactful part of my education was my development of a love for music. Since the beginning of piano lessons, I was encouraged to play a wide range of pieces. Thankfully, this is not a school that pushes students to only play Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Students have the pleasure of learning early keyboard pieces to modern and contemporary works. Although I won’t pursue music in University, I have no doubt that I will always play piano and continue to expand my music knowledge.”

Catherine O: 
“Speaking from personal experience, when we were searching for piano teachers in the area, we interviewed quite a few teachers from different backgrounds. We stumbled upon CAM and had an interview with Dr. Ivona K. Bowlby. That was in 2007. We were impressed from the get go and decided to have Dr. Ivona be our kids’ teacher. As far as Dr. Ivona goes, she is extremely passionate about classical music and about the improvements and skills of her students. She not only teaches the kids how to play, but also incorporates the history behind each piece and interpretations of each movement. The kids not only learn piano with the right technical skill and musicality, but they also learn music history! She has her own special way of working with the kids, firm but encouraging, tough but reasonable. For those students who work hard, they can be even qualified to perform in prestigious venues such as Benaroya and Carnegie Hall. Aside from piano lessons, the teachers made themselves available for performance classes outside of class time so the kids know what to do before performing their piece, how to bow, what to wear and everything related to performing in front of an audience.”

Lilian L. :
My son has been studying in Chopin Academy of Music for 6 years under the teaching of Dr. Kaminska and can not be more happier! Dr. Kaminska help my son to learn proper technique, keep him motivated, and inspire him to venture outside of his comfort zone and using positive reinforcement by introducing him to recitals and competitions. Dr. Kaminska is caring, patience and has a positive attitude.”

Robert Y. :
“As a student that recently graduated from Chopin Academy, I must say that I could not have asked for a more encouraging and inspiring environment to develop my passion for classical music. I studied piano for almost 11 years here, first with  Dr. Christopher Bowlby and later with Dr. Ivona Kaminska. They are extremely knowledgeable in classical music and piano performing and their suggestions during lessons have frequently led to high prizes in top-level piano competitions. I studied with Dr. Kaminska from 2013 to 2018; in those years I frequently received comments about my “mature” playing due to Dr. Kaminska’s great taste in music. She really knew how to bring the best out of me and at the same time allowed me to develop my individuality as a pianist by being very open to my opinions.

Most importantly, Dr. Bowlby and Dr. Kaminska are great people; they are kind and genuine and really cared about my goals. They never hesitate to recommend a masterclass or competition or concert opportunity or anything that could help me become a better musician. I never felt pressured during lessons because CAM has a very healthy environment to make mistakes in. There are a lot of performing opportunities.”

Pu S. :
“My daughter started learning piano from Dr. Ivona since she was 6 years old and it has been 3 years.. Dr. Ivona is very patient, very nice and very knowledgeable. She is able to point out the root cause when the kids made a mistake while playing piano and provides constructive suggestions.”

Yingzi L:
“Chopin Academy creates unsurpassed opportunities to build confidence, college preparation curriculum and all with fun”